Why Boudoir is Right for You

There are so many reasons to schedule a boudoir session, and in reality few of those reasons are to please your partner. (Although that's a nice perk.)

Baring it all might sound terrifying. It *is* terrifying. But pushing yourself to try new things is part of what makes this hum-drum human experience FUN and exciting. And in the end you'll feel strong, confident, and beautiful. (And P.S., you don't have to bare it ALL. If you feel most confident in that awesome bodysuit or robe in your closet, that's the perfect choice!)

Why Boudoir is Right for You

1. You deserve Self Care.

You work hard. Maybe you're a mom or a social worker, or an artist or a software engineer. We are probably all jumping on this self-care trend, and are often encouraged to buy buy buy when it comes to self care.

Self care is more than what you're wearing or consuming; self care is a dedicated way of life. It begins by practicing self-acceptance. And when we have enough courage to accept ourselves, self-love can develop more easily.

Being gentle with yourself, and allowing yourself to enjoy moments in your life, are practical, real-life ways we can start to practice self care.

Many of us are always thinking, "When I lose this weight I will start dating." Or, "When I get a new job I will have more confidence." I think it's easier than that-- I think we can start the slow process of being mindful and appreciative of ourselves in other creative ways.

2. Boudoir is a great way to celebrate life's milestones.

Documenting your pregnancy, marriage anniversary, or even a recent breakup through boudoir is a unique and empowering experience.

Many brides (and sometimes grooms) request boudoir photography as part of their Wedding Collection coverage. This only takes a few extra minutes, and most brides are typically in a robe and great underwear anyway-- perfect for a quick boudoir session! It's a great gift to yourself, and a nice surprise for your partner. If you are curious about adding a boudoir component to your Wedding Collection, you can always email me.

Remember that it's my job to pose you naturally so that you don't feel self-conscious. I will work your angles and curves, don't you worry! :)

3. Reclaim your body

Many people are survivors of trauma. Boudoir photographs are a great way to practice being comfortable being vulnerable and showing your skin again. It's a positive, supportive environment where you can feel safe. Many people don't realize I am also an advocate for those who have experienced sexual and domestic violence. Much of my training has been about making survivors feel safe and comfortable.

4. Create some edgy art for your home

I love soft, airy images, and many of my portrait sessions in New England have natural elements in them! But I do love taking on darker tones and exploring shadows and contrast-- seriously, I love it so much!

Please contact me to inquire about boudoir, or any other portrait session in Vermont or New England!

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