Gina and Lex flew in from Maryland last week to visit the place where their relationship blossomed 7 years ago.

When I met them at the welcome center at Shelburne Farms, they were sweet and slightly quiet. "We're a little nervous," Gina explained.

They'd never had professional photos taken of them before, and were nervous about being affectionate and loving in front of a photographer.

Within about 10 minutes, they seemed COMPLETELY comfortable on camera. (Had they been Googling "How to be the perfect photography clients?" Probably.)

They opened up to me about how they met, and how waiting to get married made it even sweeter for them.

They met as University of Vermont students and hit it off quickly. (I am also a UVM alumn-- GO CATS-- though our paths never crossed paths before their engagement session!)

They discussed marriage while they were seniors at UVM. As exciting as the venture sounded, they decided that waiting to tie the knot would make it more special.

Waiting meant that they would move to an entirely different state and start their careers.

And, now that they feel established in a new place, they are ready to start planning their dream wedding.

(I also want to add that Gina and Lex get a GOLD STAR for donning some warm but fashionable attire. Dress pants and a sweater on him and a cute sweater dress on her made such a huge difference in their photos, don't you think? They totally read my other blog post, FAQS about Portrait Sessions, for some outfit inspo!)

Lex is significantly taller than Gina, and she would do this thing where she'd cuddle in close and lay her forehead on his chest. It melted my freakin' heart!!!

They said they missed Vermont for a few reasons: the scenery, for one, and also the vibrant social justice scene we have here in Burlington.

"We always said we would wind up back here," they said. I can't count the times people who have moved away from Vermont have said this. It's a curse and a blessing-- you can't really stay away from this weird, cold, magical place.

I loved the little orange leaves on the trees on this road, and how their branches were all dusted with snow. It had flurried a bit before our session, creating a total winter wonderland feel at Shelburne Farms.

Lex picked out this ring himself and surprised Gina with it. ISN'T IT PERFECT?!

It suited Gina's delicate hand. When I asked her about it, she lit up. :)

We trudged through some 8+ inch snow banks to take a little walk around Shelburne Farms.

Gina mentioned that one reason she was attracted to my photography style was that I incorporate nature into peoples love stories in a beautiful way. She and Lex specifically wanted some evergreens-- after all, why go to VT for photos and not have some beautiful evergreens in the shot?!

I asked them to practice their first dance, and some magic certainly ensued:

Gina and Lex, you two are wonderful human beings. Not only are you fun to hang out with and easy to talk to, you made a cold, overcast day in Vermont a refreshing and invigorating experience for me. I love your photos, and I hope you do too!



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