~Moriah's Boudoir Sesh~

*Please note that this post contains photos of a scantily-clad beauty!!!*

On a freezing day a few weeks ago, I met up with Moriah for a boudoir session.

Moriah's family member had booked me for a boudoir session earlier this winter, and after seeing her photos, Moriah booked me for her own!

I drove out to her beautiful Vermont home that was full of natural light. (I literally squealed when I saw all of the windows in her bedroom. Natural light makes me SO HAPPY.)

Moriah was a sweetheart from the moment I arrived. I felt comfortable around her immediately. She has this really warm smile that just makes you feel at-ease.

She told me all about her husband, and how excited she was to surprise him with these photos! :)

I think one misconception about boudoir is that a specific TYPE of woman wants boudoir photos taken. People like to put people (especially women!) in boxes.

The truth is that over HALF of my boudoir clients are new mothers. Most are shy people. Most are over a size 12. Most of them have never posed in front of a camera-- especially half- naked. But ALL of them want to prove to themselves that they are worthy of attention, and worthy of feeling beautiful.

Moriah is a dutiful mom and wife. She lit up when discussing her girls, and she told me all about how she met her husband.

After about 20 minutes, Moriah said she might want to change her outfit. And BOY, AM I GLAD SHE DID.

Not because I didn't LOVE her black bodysuit (you know how much I love a good bodysuit). But because once she changed into the outfit she was more comfortable in, HER POSING COMPLETELY CHANGED.

She became more willing to try new poses, and she was able to laugh at herself and loosen up a bit more. It's so interesting to me that the outfit change really brought out her real self!!

This is why it is key to bring multiple outfits to your session. You NEVER know what your mood will be like (and if you're like me, you might stress out over outfits!).

In addition to the outfit change, Moriah said she enjoyed a glass of bourbon and tried to relax before her session. Treating a boudoir session as a self-care event makes the day way more special.

These last two images are some of my favorites from Moriah's session.

I find that my favorite images are usually taken towards the end, because my clients develop a YOLO, carefree attitude!

Moriah, I had SO MUCH FUN with you! You inspire me to try new things, and really go the extra mile.



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