Nick & Eli

In between snow flurries on Sunday, I met up with Nick and Eli for a mini session on the Burlington waterfront.

It was quiet and secluded because of the damp chill in the air, but that suited us just fine. :)

Wait until you hear their meet-cute. It's quite possibly the best one I've ever heard.

Eli explained, "Nick was huddled under some blankets on a mutual friend's couch, hiding from the world after a bad date." Nick laughed sheepishly, and Eli squeezed Nick's arm a little tighter when telling this story. After commiserating about dating, they found themselves falling in love when they least expected to.

As they were talking, I realized that Nick and Eli share a few things. First of all, they both have a great sense of style. (THEY READ MY BLOG POST FULL OF WARDROBE TIPS! Dream come true!!)

When I posted their photo to Instagram, I got comments saying, "Love their coats!" and, "They are so snappy!"

In addition, they also have a dry sense of humor that is hilarious. Talking to them is easy, and it almost felt like I'd met them many times before.

They also share a very specific and easy-going love language, It's the kind that makes you envision them making coffee in the morning and reading Seven Days together on their porch. It's the kind of love that is sturdy and sure, and quietly tells you that it will always stick around.

While taking a walk around the docks, Eli told me that he had explored other parts of the country, only to realize he was constantly comparing new cities to Burlington. "I realized that Vermont was home," he said.

Eli and Nick, thank you so much for meeting with me! You were so sweet to get to know, and that sweetness translated into some gorgeous photos!

Your love was a pleasure to capture, and I hope you love these images as much as I do.

One more because HOW CUTE ARE THESE TWO?!

Interested in learning more about a photography session? You can always shoot me a message for more info. ;)


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