Sidney + Brian's Hinesburg Farm Wedding

Brian and Sidney met in high school in Oakland, California and fell in love immediately. They maintained their close relationship despite attending different colleges, and now live happily on a farm in Hinesburg, Vermont! They grow vegetables, consume consciously, and make efforts to live a sustainable, healthy life.

It made sense for them to get married on the property that nourishes them and makes them connect as a couple. The barn on the property had been completely renovated and now stood ready, anticipating Sidney and Brian's party. I found myself personifying the barn: It welcomed guests and protected us from a sudden downpour, and it seemed happy that Sidney and Brian could use its walls for such a great celebration.

The day was perfect. On the property's vineyard, robin's eggs hatched hours before the ceremony. The day was clear, with a slight breeze. Sidney and Brian both seemed quietly nervous, perhaps because the day they had envisioned for 6 years was finally happening.

Several beautiful touches made this wedding stand out for me. One was the handmade dress Sidney wore. I loved that it was red. It was classically beautiful and bold simultaneously, just like Sidney. Sidney wore a necklace her grandmother had passed down to her that complimented the dress's neckline. Flowers were locally grown by friends and fashioned into boutonnieres and bouquets.

As I mentioned above, Brian's moms had been renovating the property's barn and making it not only architecturally sound, but perfect for the wedding. It had stairs that could be tucked away, as well as a handicap-accessible ramp on one side. The annex was an airy, modern apartment where Sidney's mother was hurriedly preparing the last of her pies that would be the dessert that day (another beautiful personal touch).

The ceremony itself, true to Jewish custom, had 7 blessings given by people close to Brian and Sidney. I gotta tell you, this is where I lost it. Everyone's speech was thoughtful and emotional.

It was evident that everyone there was thrilled for the happy couple, and they all danced happily into the night (to numerous Kes$ha songs, to my absolute delight).

Sidney and Brian, MAZEL TOV! Much love and well wishes to you.

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