Molly Said Yes!

On one of the last sunny summer days of 2018, Josh texted me: "I am wearing khakis."

In what was maybe one of the weirder moments of my photography career, I was in the middle of a construction zone hiding behind a CAT wheel loader, waiting for a man who was in love to propose to his girlfriend.

Joshua contacted me months prior with a spot in mind on Perkins Pier in Burlington, Vermont. Because the area was closed due to heavy construction, Joshua had to make some phone calls (shoutout to Harry from the Water Department!) to get access to The Spot. When I got there, the Water Department staff was super nice and showed me a big hole and simply said, "Don't fall in that hole." Noted!

My assistant and I waited until Joshua was ready. Our secret code was that he was going to take a selfie with Molly (a clever way to get them both to take off their sunglasses) and that would be the signal that he was about to get down on one knee.

The sun was blazing without a cloud in the sky, and right when Joshua got down on one knee, Molly started CRYING and smiling ear to ear. Also, a party boat drove by us on the pier and the song "Every Time We Touch" by Cascada was blaring.

It was MAGIC. And I couldn't hear anything over the party boat music, but I assumed from the tears and laughter that Molly said HELL YES, JOSHUA!

Molly said that in retrospect, she sort of knew something was up because Joshua put tissues in his pocket even though they were just going for a walk around town. She was nevertheless delighted, and kept staring down at her hand the rest of the night.

After the big special moment, we took a short walk to grab some engagement photos. The Grand Point North festival was happening in the waterfront park, so we had a wonderful soundtrack provided by Grace Potter who was singing a mere 200 feet away from us.

The best word to describe the way Joshua acted towards Molly is tender. This, plus the fact that he had been carefully planning this night for MONTHS, told me all I needed to know to capture photos of them. They were playful with each other, and sweet. They were romantic, but also willing to entertain my weirder prompts ("kiss with your teeth!" was a favorite).

Molly and Joshua, CONGRATULATIONS! Our evening together was such an exhilarating, emotional journey, and I wish you all the happiness in the world.

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