Schneider & Wronski Wedding at the Common Ground Center in Starksboro, VT

*Blog photos are not high-res.*

I pulled up to the Common Ground Center on the morning of Annie and Josh's wedding. The grounds were hustling and bustling, with people scurrying to set up to make the day perfect for Annie and Josh.

Annie looked beautiful when I arrived in just her regular clothing and make-up free. Her brow was furrowed but she had that certain Annie zen quality about her despite the stress of the morning.

Annie was excited that her mother was going to do her signature braid-- one that Annie had worn for special occasions since she was a girl. Her mom took her time with the braid, lovingly weaving and smiling over her glasses as she worked. Nearby, her sisters got ready and psyched Annie up by reminiscing about their childhoods and gushing over the way Annie looked.

I set out to photograph Annie's details. Her dress was delicately embroidered with lace and had a lovely bow underneath an elegant open back. Her flowers were colorful, fresh, and bright. One unique aspect to their details was that they had four rings. Since Annie proposed to Josh, I got to photograph TWO engagement rings. I was happy to be surrounded by so much pretty jewelry. :)

One of my favorite parts of the day was photographing Annie interacting with her mom and sisters. Her sisters were the MVPS OF THIS WEDDING, let me tell ya. They were her hype women, her cheerleaders, her dress-bustlers, her comfort, and her joy. The way they lovingly interacted was serious sister goals. I have 4 sisters myself, and it made me feel like I looking in a mirror at times. They were so full of genuine joy that it was CONTAGIOUS. Annie gifted them each a locket with their photo in it-- a touch that revealed so much about Annie. And it revealed so much about each of them when they hurriedly put them around their necks, even if they already had jewelry on.

My favorite part of the day was the first look. I LOVE when my couples elect to do this, because it makes the rest of the day so much more relaxing (and, you get to start partying with friends right after the ceremony-- smart!). Annie and Josh had a quiet moment away from friends and family for their first look. The way they interacted was gentle, quiet, sweet. They embraced, enjoying the momentous occasion for which everyone they loved gathered to celebrate their love.

The ceremony was gorgeous. There was a huge rock behind the altar so that guests did not have sun in their eyes. Several details made the ceremony unique and sweet. One in particular was the Polish blessing that Josh's family gave, called the Bread and Salt Blessing.

It had three components. "May you never go hungry" accompanied the presentation of bread that Annie and Josh ate. Next was a sip of wine, with, "May you enjoy the sweetness of life." Then came the salt, with, "May you overcome the bitterness in life." And finally came a silver coin: "May you never be in financial stress." Everyone was grinning ear to ear, happy to be engaging in such a rich tradition. (Side note to the Wronskis: I am also Polish, and this tradition was beautiful to see in person!)

The party went on throughout the night, and Annie and Josh's guests enjoyed the sunny weather, delicious BBQ, great music, and even better company.

Annie and Josh, I am so glad we met on that frigid winter day last year and that you decided to hire me for your wedding. It was an honor, and SO MUCH FUN. Congratulations! Sto lat!

Venue: Common Ground Center

Makeup: Jamielynn Gaboreault

Dress: Celia Grace

Florals (and flower crown): Understory Farm

Rings: Global Pathways on Church Street and Gamuchian

Music: Warm Water Band and Emma Cook and Questionable Company

Food: Southern Smoke

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