Tamsin and Family at Mills Riverside Park

Earlier this month, Tamsin and her family met me at the park for some family photos. I had been REALLY looking forward to this session. I mean, I REALLY look forward to EVERY session, but this one? This one was gonna be special.

Their daughter K.'s adoption had been finalized earlier in the summer, and a good friend of theirs bought them a session with me as a congratulatory gift.

Tamsin had let me know that they wanted these photos to be a way to commemorate this beautiful time in their lives. They marked the beginning; a new future together that looked bright and full of hugs and stuffed animals and new family traditions.

K. seemed comfortable and happy to be spending the afternoon at the park with her parents. I got a photo of her with a stuffed animal that her mother, Tamsin, had when SHE was just a toddler. The way K. cradled the bunny was truly heartwarming-- she knew it was special and loved it the way Tamsin had as a child. I could also tell that K. knew SHE was special for having received such a treasured toy.

We took some pictures on the covered bridge and took a little walk, where I got to know this family better. They were sweet, funny, and even though it was overcast and chilly they were happy as clams to just be together.

Tamsin and co., thank you for such a great day! I wish you all the best in your exciting new journey.

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