Engagement Ring Styles

Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Who doesn't love fawning over an engagement ring? Many couples I know choose to buy one, and in some cultures, buying one for each person is custom!

Some couples pick them out together and some people sneakily design them before they ask their partner to marry them. If you're thinking about proposing and want some ideas, the photos compiled below are some of the most popular styles I've had the pleasure of photographing.

Before I dive in, let's go over some vocab that might be confusing:

brilliant cut-- simply means that designers have calculated the perfect angles to make the stone sparkle the most. Usually refers to a diamond.

radiant cut-- a "crushed ice" effect where corners are more rounded. This leads to less chipping/snagging.

1. Round Diamond and Moissanite with Various Bands

In the early 20th century, a French mathematician designed the brilliant cut to maximize the number of reflections in a diamond. These ideal proportions make stones SUPER SPARKLY.

(This is a good example of the radiant cut described above.)

This last photo is a two-ringed proposal. I love the groom's hammered band with the simple stone in the middle!

Cushion with Baguette Band

Also called a "pillow cut," this classic stone style is practical because the rounded corners won't get snagged on sweaters. (Which honestly is a pretty big selling point.)

I also love the band pictured below, which has diamonds all the way around.

Princess Brilliant Cut with a Simple Band

When purchasing a princess cut stone, there will be less "wastage" on the rough stone than there will be with different cuts. This means that there will be less of the rough stone that needs to be carved away. You'll only end up losing about 15% of the original stone (a diamond, in the cases below) versus about 50% for other cuts (like a cushion cut).

Alternative Bands

This style is increasing in popularity, and I am HERE FOR IT.

The ring below was designed by the groom.

Classic Bands

I love a classic band. I'm seeing more women wearing plain bands. The example below is a simple band engagement ring.

How did you choose the style of your engagement ring? I'd love to hear from you in the comment section!

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