Bridal Boudoir

One of my favorite moments in my photography career is inspiring confidence in my clients. It's so wonderful to see them go from hesitation and nervousness to empowerment.

Boudoir originated in the 1920s as a way to imply sensuality in a beautiful, luxurious way. I aim to add an elegant, sophisticated feel to any boudoir session so that my clients see their photos and think, "that is high end."

Here's the other thing-- I don't heavily photoshop my boudoir images. Sure, I'll smooth some skin here and there and do the basics. But by using posing techniques that I've studied AND instilling confidence in my clients, I find that realistic, natural portrayals of a beautiful person will give them lasting confidence even after they get their images back. In 50 years when you fondly look back at these photos, you don't want to think, "I wish I had had the confidence to not have photoshopped out my belly/chin/whatever." You'll want to think, "yes, I was a confident and GORGEOUS woman."

Bridal boudoir is a wonderful way to get some use out of your veil/heels before your wedding day, and it is a beautiful gift to your partner. If you are interested in adding boudoir to your wedding collection, please contact me!

Thank you, Christine, for a wonderful session. I know your beau will adore these. xo!

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